I live in northern Washington State, just south of the border.  I’m an engineer by trade and have worked in computer software and hardware, networking and wireless for 25 years, mostly in the Automatic Data Collection industry.  I’ve been in management for the past 10.  I enjoy citizenship in Canada and the United States.

Born in Ontario, but I’m a natural born American; so I could be President.  Raised in Ohio and Florida and have lived in Oregon, Washington, Australia, and Canada.  My hobbies and interests include traveling, photography, sailing, and flying, and most recently, hiking.  After working the past seven years with only four weeks vacation, I’m now getting a life.  I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up but I’m thinking on it.

I took the second half of 2008 off and traveled to Europe for two months.  I’ve been taking other small trips as well and I’m reading and learning and getting into blogging.  I’m enjoying other people’s blogs as well.  I’m not much of a writer, but my mother says she likes it.  That’s all I need I reckon, one fan; the one that matters even.  If I pick up a couple of others, great.

Enjoy your stay.


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  1. 2012 March 16
    henry ledesma permalink

    great site, its amazing…and from Lynden, Wa of all places, know the place very well, also your taste of music, our favorite, bluegrass. Rosalie is enjoying your tweets on the road…thanks a million

  2. 2016 July 6

    Just came across your site while looking into Gimmelwald. Then noticed you live somewhat near me. I’m in Anacortes. Both your Europe and West US road trips inspired me.

    • 2016 July 7

      Hi BJ, thanks very much for visiting and commenting; much appreciated. I haven’t written anything for quite sometime and so I’m always pleased when someone visits the older content. I hope it was helpful. I know Anacortes well and have sailed out of there on a couple of occasions. All the best.

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