Tweets from the Road

2010 August 24

Here are a bunch of my tweets from the road. Start at the bottom and work your way up.

# A bunch of kids just started a softball game in the empty eastbound lanes of I 90. And a couple just got their bikes out. Crazy. about 12 hours ago

# Snoqualmie Pass shut down for rock blasting. The interstate has become a makeshift campground. We’re all visiting & roaming around. Neat. about 13 hours ago

# Oh man, the leaves are starting to turn here in Washington too. Fall is my favorite season, but I’m just not done with Summer yet. about 17 hours ago

# Was buzzed by thee fighter jets about 100′ off the ground in a river canyon south of Wenatchee last night. Pretty neat. 4:59 PM Aug 20th

# Spending the night on the beach in Newport. Again. Lighthouse in the distance. Cool breeze. Reading a book. Supper cooking in the truck. 8:31 PM Aug 18th

# The leaves are turning in the Columbia River Gorge. 11:41 AM Aug 18th from Stafford – Tualatin Valley, Lake Oswego

# Home time be over. wahhhhhh. 3:01 PM Aug 16th

# Listening to music in the park in front of my house. Some really old hippies here. Sad… But you gotta admire their persistence I suppose. 6:17 PM Aug 12th from Columbia, Bellingham

# One more run and then home for a few days. 10:21 AM Aug 11th

# Fog rolled in here at Nye Beach. Enjoying this nice cool sea air. Boy howdy, I have the best job. 6:50 PM Aug 7th

# Butt in my lawn chair, toes in the sand, eating steamer clams & watching the surf roll in. Nye Beach, Newport, OR. Spending the night here. 6:32 PM Aug 7th

# I’ve been running around Washington for a couple of weeks now, this sure is a pretty state. 8:53 PM Aug 6th

# Been drivin ’round the NW for couple of weeks, which is awesome considering time of year. Got a load to Bellingham, so I’m home for a day. 10:21 AM Aug 2nd

# Bears! Many bears! 3:43 PM Jul 26th

# Spectacular sunset here in Great Falls followed by a bright full moon on the opposite horizon. 8:34 PM Jul 25th

# Hiked thru large industrial area & dirt field this AM & stumbled upon the Colorado version of Meercat Manor. A veritable gopher city it was. 3:30 PM Jul 24th

# Now laid over in Denver, waiting for a load. It’s too hot here too. 12:04 PM Jul 23rd

# laid over in SLC for a couple days. I wanna get goin. It’s too hot here. 12:20 PM Jul 21st

# Leaving Omak. Yea! 3:11 PM Jul 17th

# On the way to Omak. Ick. 12:07 PM Jul 17th

# Racing a freight train through the Gorge. I’m winning. 6:32 PM Jul 16th

# As I drive ’round this big ole country, each week, it seems just a tad bit smaller. 8:37 AM Jul 16th

# On the edge of Glacier National Park. Spectacular drive. 9:53 AM Jul 14th from Kalispell, MT

# OK, I meant Trikking not Tricking. Although, there is a bordello museum here, perhaps I was subliminally inspired. 11:18 AM Jul 13th from Wallace, ID

# Tricking around historic Wallace, ID. Having a hearty breakfast at a cute cafe at the old Brooks Hotel. It’s gorgeous here and 62. Perfect. 11:13 AM Jul 13th from Wallace, ID

# Just stopped for a morning Trikke ride along the Northern Idaho Centennial Trail. I feel great. 8:55 AM Jul 13th

# In western Washington; a dust storm came rolling at me. Wow, it looked just like it does in the movies. Luckily, the road veered away. 7:52 PM Jul 12th

# Home Sweet Home 6:09 AM Jul 8th

# Spent the night on Lookout Pass in MT; cool, peaceful and smells great. 8:10 AM Jul 4th

# I’m going over 4th of July Pass. Shoot, today is only the 3rd. 2:55 PM Jul 3rd

# A guy just walking along the interstate on the shoulder, playing his guitar. Huh. 2:17 PM Jul 2nd from Washington, US

# Leaving Missoula. I sure am getting tired of all this beautiful scenery. 9:28 AM Jul 2nd

# Downtime in Hermiston, OR for three days and getting paid. Gotta dig that. 4:03 PM Jun 29th

# Spent the night ‘neath the snow capped Olympic Mountains in Sequim,WA. Nice and cool and so scenic. 5:37 AM Jun 27th from Sequim, WA

# West I84 thru Columbia River Gorge. Awesome. Mt Hood is beautiful. 12:49 PM Jun 24th

# Truck is in the shop in Sumner so I got to come home for a day. Truck is ready now though, gotsta go back in the mornin, wah… 7:38 PM Jun 22nd

# Stormy and gloomy here in Oregon. It’s been following me since Utah; I’m afraid I’m bringing it home with me. Sorry guys. 8:02 AM Jun 20th from Oregon, US

# After freezing last night in Idaho Falls, I’m now sweating the heat in Salt Lake City. 5:59 PM Jun 18th from Poplar Grove, Salt Lake City

# Snowing here in the Tetons. Sure is pretty. 9:34 AM Jun 17th

# It was winter last time I drove through Wyoming. What was once brown is now green, for as far as I can see. Glorious! 1:43 PM Jun 16th from Wyoming, US

# Sunny day in Denver. Great time visiting cousin Rebecca and her family in Evergreen last night. Awesome dinner and catching up. miss ya cuz. 7:13 AM Jun 15th

# Yikes, It’s snowing. 7:42 AM Jun 14th from Colorado, US

# UT. 7300 ft up. Amazing views. Rain & hail. Spectacular thunder & lighting. 3:35 PM Jun 13th

# LV to Denver. Gonna make some good memories today. 9:31 AM Jun 13th from Utah, US

# I 15 through Arizona; just beautiful. 8:40 AM Jun 13th

# Got that out of my system; a little richer now. Now, one of my favorite past times, people watching. Waiting for the Bellagio fountain show. 7:18 PM Jun 12th from The Strip, Las Vegas

# Las Vegas. Keep drivin, Keep drivin. Uh oh. 4:54 PM Jun 12th from Enterprise, NV

# Thar be purple mountains here. Hmmm 4:10 PM Jun 11th

# Backlit by the sun, hundreds of tiny, seemingly translucent, tumbleweeds crossed my path, scattering in all directions as I rolled through. 8:48 AM Jun 11th from Central Colusa, CA

# Just caught a view of Mt Shasta in my mirror. It’s about 150 miles behind me, but there it is, plain as day. That sucker is big. 8:16 AM Jun 11th from California, US

# Just saw a guy on a motorcycle pulling a black ornate coffin on wheels. Huh. 2:01 PM Jun 9th from Oregon, US

# Spent the night parked on the beach at Lincoln City. It was a stormy night I tell ya. The surf was high and loud. It was magnificent. 10:31 AM Jun 9th from Oregon, US

# Drove over the OR coast mountains yesterday to Lincoln City. It was cool and rainy; it smelled and felt… pure and … clean. 10:28 AM Jun 9th from Oregon, US

# Drove thru McMinville, OR yesterday, where I spent my skydiving days oh those many years ago. 9:55 AM Jun 9th from Oregon, US

# On the road again; to the Oregon coast. 6:27 PM Jun 8th from Mount Vista, WA

# All moved. I’m now officially a Bellinghamster. 3:56 PM Jun 5th

# Author Tom Robbins on the taping of Wait Wait tonight. Interesting guy. 9:05 PM Jun 3rd from Central Business District, Seattle

# is going to “Wait Wait, Don’t tell me!” tonight, live! – yeah! 🙂 3:49 PM Jun 3rd

# So. OR. Much cooler. Snow in the passes. Be home tomorrow. Been out two months this trip. 4:25 PM Jun 1st from Oregon, US

# In CA & I got me a convoy. Speed limit here is 55 & my slow truck is setting a pace of 59 for about 20+ trucks. CHiPs don’t seem to mind. 11:02 AM Jun 1st from Knights Landing, CA

# Passing over several hundred bikers so far going the opposite direction, many flying the flag. What a site. 10:09 AM May 31st

# Passed Oban Ditch. OK, rivers, creeks, streams, lakes; sure. But naming your ditches? Really? Guess what state. Oh, there’s Larry Ditch. 7:46 AM May 31st from Chuckwalla, CA

# During a story about eagles, the morning news show host just said “they’re not extinct anymore are they…” 4:47 AM May 31st from Arizona, US

# You know… This is a heckuva big country. 4:36 AM May 31st from Arizona, US

# Had a nice visit with Dyan in Phoenix. FYI, Phoenix does not have speed bumps, they have speed dips, and they’re nasty. 5:36 PM May 30th from Goodyear, AZ

# I’m grateful for all those American soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom. 5:54 AM May 30th from Flowing Well Neighborhood, Tucson

# Just leaving the Arizona/Mexico border. I’m buy-cotting Arizona BTW. 5:25 PM May 29th from Arizona, US

# Tumbleweeds 11:09 AM May 29th from Deming North, NM

# Squiggly line in the periphery of the inner eye lid that gets farther away when you look at it. Wow, I thought I was the only one with that. 6:09 PM May 28th from Los Volcanes, Albuquerque

# RT @TamekaMckinney : The leading cause of death among fashion models is falling through street grates. 5:27 PM May 28th from Los Volcanes, Albuquerque

# Thunderstorm last night in Albuquerque; got drenched. Trikke ride this AM in the cool dawn air. 10 hot air balloons just passed overhead. 6:08 AM May 28th from Los Volcanes, Albuquerque

# Chillicothe, my hometown Oh wait, wrong state. Apparently, five states have a Chillicothe, whoda thunk? 5:39 AM May 27th

# I’m in that furnace I call Texas. BTW, don’t mess with Texas. 9:40 AM May 26th

# The Mississippi & other rivers are way high & overflowing their banks. Still lots of flooding in IL, TN & AR. 6:51 AM May 25th from Lower Surrounded Hill, AR

# Big thunder & lightning storm just came through and dropped the temp 20 degrees. Ahhhhhhhh 1:31 PM May 24th from Moreland, MO

# I’m seeing several flags at half mast. Who died? 6:48 AM May 23rd from Arkansas, US

# AR, MO, & IL today The crops are in. Vast fields of green & occasional river crossings & crop dusters. Listening to Fibber McGee & Molly. 6:42 AM May 23rd from Arkansas, US

# San Antonio bound for the night. My windshield is covered with butterfly guts and the grill is littered with butterfly wings. 3:29 PM May 21st

# Laredo, TX. It’s really NOT a dry heat. Heading for Illinois tomorrow. Hopefully, it’s a little cooler there. Hopefully. 5:32 PM May 20th

# Going on four hours now stuck in this bumper to bumper detour. 109 degrees. Miserable. 10:48 AM May 19th from Texas, US

# Tanker rollover and hazmat spill. Both sides of interstate shut down. Same thing happened in Louisiana yesterday. 7:45 AM May 19th

# Dallas to Baton Rouge today and somewhere in MS to Laredo tomorrow. 12:07 PM May 17th from Natchitoches, LA

# Sitting in Waco, TX. Impressive thunder and lighting storm yesterday. 6:53 AM May 15th

# Don’t mess with Texas! 6:21 AM May 14th from Talty, TX

# Here in Weeziana, it’s 92 degrees at 7:30 in the evening too. That sucks. 7:17 PM May 13th from Greenwood, LA

# 92 degrees at 7:30 in the morning. That’s just not right. 5:30 AM May 13th from Bessemer, AL

# Dawn in aLaBAMa. It’s steamy here. 3:22 AM May 13th from Alabama, US

# Splat! Just hit my first love bug of the season. Oh wait, splat splat. Splat, splat and splat. This is gonna get messy real fast. Yuk. 7:54 AM May 11th from Swift Creek, GA

# Way down yonder on the Chattahoochee 11:17 AM May 10th from Emerson, GA

# I just passed the junction with RTE 666. Hmmmn. I just kept going and didn’t look back. 7:08 AM May 9th from Black Lick, VA

# It’s a nice crisp fall day here in WV. 5:28 AM May 9th from West Virginia, US

# I love the smell of diesel in the morning. Smells like… well, smells like diesel, I guess. 5:50 AM May 8th from Weirton, WV

# In the Columbus, OH terminal this morning. Setting out shortly for WV. 7:25 AM May 7th

# The Ohio River has overrun its banks. Saw gobs of flooding in KY, OH and IN today. Awful. 3:46 PM May 5th from Florence, KY

# Much flooding yesterday in KY. Houses, cars, farms under water. I saw cows walking around belly deep in water, can’t eat or lay down. 8:31 AM May 4th from Georgia, US

# Oh man, where am I? 4:28 AM May 4th from White-Pine Log, GA

# The Great Smokey Mountains are not so smokey today. I can see for miles and miles. 2:23 PM May 3rd from Tennessee, US

# State welcome signs; It seems everyone wants to claim Lincoln. IL-Land of Lincoln, KY-Birthplace of Lincoln, MO-Lincoln’s childhood home… 9:56 AM May 3rd from Cannonsburg, KY

# I’ve been watching old episodes of Route 66 w/ Martin Millner & George Maharis. It’s a trip, ya dig? 8:59 AM May 3rd from West Virginia, US

# NC, VA, WV. Hot. Muggy, sticky, yukie. 100+ degrees. 10:01 AM May 2nd from Rocky Gap, VA

# My R & R in DC, day 4 blog post: http://www.maggiewilliamswanderer.com/2010/04/r-r-in-dc-day-4/ 5:46 PM May 1st from Rock Creek, NC

# Oh wah, R & R is over. Back at the truck, waiting for a load 5:32 AM May 1st

# From Arlington, walked to Lncln Mem, Viet Nam Mem, Wash Mon, White House, did the American History Museum, to hostel. Tired & sun burned. 4:25 PM Apr 30th from Downtown, Washington

# My R & R, day 3 blog post: http://www.maggiewilliamswanderer.com/2010/04/r-r-in-DC-day-3/ 9:16 AM Apr 30th from Downtown, Washington

# Walking the grounds of Arlington National Cemetery. Spectacular weather today. This truly is where valor rests. 9:22 AM Apr 29th from Arlington, VA

# My R & R in DC, Day 2 blog post: http://www.maggiewilliamswanderer.com/2010/04/r-r-in-dc-day-2/ 4:54 AM Apr 29th from Downtown, Washington

# My R & R in DC blog post: http://www.maggiewilliamswanderer.com/2010/04/r-r-in-dc/ 5:35 PM Apr 28th

# And now it’s pretty out again. Doing the Museum of Natural History now. Heading back to the hostel soon for pasta night. Mmm mmm 1:26 PM Apr 28th from Washington Mall, Washington

# The day turned cold and windy. Doing the National Air and Space Museum now. 12:02 PM Apr 28th from Southwest Employment Area, Washington

# Beautiful day here in the Capitol. I’m presently wandering the halls aimlessly at the Library of Congress. 8:12 AM Apr 28th

# Made it to HI Hostel DC. Now for some R & R. 6:54 PM Apr 27th from Downtown, Washington

# PA, MD, WV, VA, NC, SC, NC, VA, MD, and DC 2nite for 3 days. 7:29 AM Apr 27th from Virginia, US

# Out of the cold & rain of PA & MD into the sun & luke warmth of the Shenandoah Valley of VA 6:39 AM Apr 25th from Virginia, US

# Peanut butter with apples! Huh, who knew? 3:48 PM Apr 24th

# Swimming pools are out then? Throughout the mid west, I see ponds in front side and back yards. 5 or 6 times larger than pools. Ponds, hmph. 3:44 PM Apr 24th

# Short run yesterday in Maryland. Beautiful day, rolling hills lush with trees and grass & lovely vistas. Stopped 4 the day near Gettysburg. 7:19 AM Apr 24th

# 2 days on back roads of Ohio. Beautiful old farm houses & farms, small towns, rolling hills & lakes. Great weather. I’m in PA 4 the night. 7:33 PM Apr 21st from East Providence, PA

# When one loses air pressure rapidly like that, one’s truck comes to a stop – rapidly. That was fun. Fixed and rolling now. 7:43 AM Apr 20th from Millcreek, OH

# Broke down on the side of the road. A brake chamber blew. Onroad came out, getting fixed now. Dang. 5:49 AM Apr 20th from Zane, OH

# I FINALLY got to eat at a Bob Evans restaurant. It’s been 30 years I think. I enjoyed the nostalgia. The food was good too. 6:08 PM Apr 19th

# OHIO! 9:21 AM Apr 19th from Ohio, US

# Long day today. Stopped just west of St. Louis for the night. Tomorrow… Lima, OH, yeeeehaaawwww. 6:32 PM Apr 18th

# Wore shorts yesterday in anticipation of a hot day. Was cool, gray & rainy. Oh well. I and my goose bumps arrived Clinton, OK for the night. 3:32 AM Apr 18th from Clinton, OK

# Nice cool morning after a rain here in Las Cruces. Trying to leave but my baby’s got dead batteries. I hate that. 3:59 AM Apr 17th from Las Cruces, NM

# Just kickin it here in Las Cruces, NM. Doin a 34 hour no driving spell so I can reset my hours. Nice day, not too hot – yet, nice breeze. 11:13 AM Apr 16th from Las Cruces, NM

# Spent last night in a cool truck stop in Deming, NM. Then drove to Nogales, AZ, then back to Las Cruces, NM 5:18 PM Apr 15th from Las Cruces, NM

# Gloomy day in TX, but hey, I made Amarillo by morning. Well, in the morning, this morning, you know, before afternoon. 7:14 AM Apr 14th from Amarillo, TX

# I’m In Oklahoma. Signs on the side of the road say “Do not drive into smoke”… Well Duh. Do I really need a sign to tell me that? 12:14 PM Apr 13th

# Pretty drive W on I44 thru MO. Everything’s blooming; greens, purples, whites. Nice hills. Suntan lotion on my left arm. I love that smell. 8:21 AM Apr 13th from Cullen, MO

# Left Chicago and headed to Nogales, AZ. 2:54 PM Apr 12th

# Just saw a heard of buffalo in northern Ohio. Hmph. 11:14 AM Apr 10th

# I wouldn’t have expected to see so many vineyards here in the Lake Erie region. 7:33 AM Apr 10th

# Beauty day driving west along Lake Erie. 6:50 AM Apr 10th

# Picking up a load in the AM in Buffalo, NY and then I’m off to somewhere in IL. 1:35 PM Apr 9th from Clarence, NY

# It was muggy in Syracuse. I like saying the word muggy, but I hate muggy. 1:14 PM Apr 9th

# Spent last night in Columbus, OH and today I should make Syracuse, NY. 11:12 AM Apr 7th

# A bit warm, but a glorious day driving across the heartland. Grass is green, trees are a bloomin; feels great. 1:19 PM Apr 6th

# I’m off to Syracuse, NY 7:49 AM Apr 5th from Kingdom City, MO

# Arrived in Fulton, MO last night. Drove through some gorgeous small towns. I have the day off, delivery tonight, then… who knows. 5:25 AM Apr 4th from Kingdom City, MO

# Made it to Chicago today & delivered the load that wasn’t scheduled till Monday. Now I don’t have to sit around all weekend. Happy Easter! 3:48 PM Apr 2nd

# Stopped for the night just shy of Minneapolis. Birds are flying north; there be lots of them. 4:29 PM Apr 1st

# Rainy day in Bismarck 8:14 AM Apr 1st

# Man, MT is a big state. Made it through though, awesome views. Today, through ND & into WI. 5:39 AM Apr 1st

# A nice cool evening here in Missoula, MT where I’m stopped for the night. 7:44 PM Mar 30th from East Missoula, Missoula

# Had an awesome time off. Now in Marysville, WA. I get a load in the AM & I’m off to Chicago. 7:30 PM Mar 29th

# Made it home today, it’s great seeing all my peeps. Great to be back in B’ham and Lynden. 8:13 PM Mar 25th

# Made it to Sumner, WA today. Had a blowout yesterday that slowed me a down a bit. I’ll head home in the morning for a few days. Yeee haww 6:44 PM Mar 24th

# Another beauty day. Boise, ID thru OR into WA desert, over the Cascade Mtns, to Sumner. Then home 4 a few days. Been runnin near 3 mo. 12:04 PM Mar 23rd

# Woke up this morning in Snowville, UT, to a pretty day and snow capped mountains surrounding me. Awesome. On my way to Boise today. 1:26 PM Mar 22nd

# Just passed a herd of more than a hundred antelope. Beautiful sight. 12:36 PM Mar 21st

# Cheyenne to Boise today. Blue skies, white swirling snow, evergreens, and red rocks. Spectacular views. 8:46 AM Mar 21st

# Gorgeous day here in Denver 12:44 PM Mar 20th

# Drove around Iowa for 2 days dodging floods and drove through a blizzard yesterday in Nebraska and arrived Denver last night. 11:45 AM Mar 20th

# Yesterday, Memphis to Cedar Falls, IA. Trying to make my way home but it’s slow going. Tomorrow, to Omaha, NE. 2:42 AM Mar 17th

# Stuck in Memphis for 3 days, truck in shop for only 1 but they forgot to take me out of shop status. Walked to Graceland, but it was closed. 2:35 AM Mar 17th

# South FL to Memphis where I’m laid over getting the truck serviced and waiting for a load to get me home. 6:48 AM Mar 13th

# On the interstate, saw state trooper on frontage road with lights & siren, going my direction, matching my speed, but he was going backward 8:20 AM Mar 8th

# NY, MD, WV, VA, on the road again. A pretty day in the Shenendoah valley. 8:10 AM Mar 8th

# EGR valve to my turbo charger. My baby’s got no get up and go. Been watching Hogan’s Heros, Bonanza, etc. All afternoon. 2:13 PM Mar

# Williamsburg, VA, thru Wash DC thru NYC during rush hour to N Haven, CT where I’m broke down. Dang 10:11 AM Mar 4th

# Awesome drive today west on I10, stopped for the night in Baton Rouge, LA 3:46 PM Feb 23rd

# Gorgeous sunset in Charleston, SC 4:41 PM Feb 21st

# Just finished three days off in Orlando, great time. Now in Savannah, GA, gorgeous weather. 8:42 AM Feb 21st

# Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana. Groucho Marx 7:17 PM May 13th, 2009

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