Train Station Musicals: Antwerp & London & Improv Everywhere

2009 April 21

It seems to have started with Improv Everywhere – slo-mo shopping in a Home Depot and their antics in New York’s Grand central Station.  Now at the Liverpool Street Station in London, a T-Mobile add and in Antwerp’s Central Station (Centraal Station Antwerpen), a promotion for Belgium’s version of In Search of Maria.  Yeah, it only happens in musicals, no one ever just breaks out in song and dance… or do they?

Imagine just going about your daily commute, minding your own business…

And in Antwerp…

Below is Improv Everywhere’s Frozen Grand Central

Next is Improv Everywhere’s slow motion shopping in a Home Depot:

Food Court Musical:

Suicide Jumper:

Cell Phone Symphony:

Operation Best Buy:

And there’s many more, go find them yourself.

Maggie Williams

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