Susan Boyle – shocking singer on Britain's Got Talent

2009 April 14

susanSusan Boyle, a 47 year old bushy eyebrowed unemployed single Scots woman who auditions on the UK’s talent show Britain’s Got Talent, thinks she can sing.  Thought to be some sort of pitiful joke by the audience and by the judges, she knocks their socks off with the voice of an angel.  Dang, this literally brought tears to my eyes, you have to watch this.

susan-2After apprehensive looks from the judges and rolled eyes from audience members, this woman, who says she’s never been on a date or been kissed, delivered a complete blind side; the judges were stunned, stopped dead in their tracks they were, before she had gotten the first stanza of I Dreamed a Dream from Les Miserables out of her mouth.  The audience was on their feet and roaring within the first 20 seconds of the performance and she kept on belting it out.

Judges Piers Morgan looks like he’s gonna cry, Amanda Holden was stunned and Simon Cowell of American Idol fame, looks like a mesmerized little girl.


susan4The audience reels as she crescendos, and one time admonishing faces have now turned to disbelief and amazement.   The judges’ review of her of course was amazing and she jumped for joy.   Piers said it was the biggest yes he’s ever given in the history of the show, Amanda said it was “a complete privilege listening to that” and Simon said “you can go back to the village with your head held high, it’s three yesses”.

Susan has become an overnight sensation with millions of hits on the YouTube video, and network and cable news outlets around the world have been playing this video and telling her story.  This is a must see.  Good on ya Susan, it’s your turn, enjoy.

If the above video is not visible, chose a link below:

***Click here to see the YouTube video***

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Maggie Williams

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