Skype for the iPhone, here at last

2009 March 30
by Maggie Williams

2:57am Monday, couldn’t sleep, so I got on line and lo and behold, here at last, a Skype app for the iPhone.  After hearing that cut and paste would be available this summer in version 3.0 I thought all was right in the world.  Well apparently, all is right in the universe because this app is supposed to be available at the iTunes store on Tuesday… oh my, that’s tomorrow!  What shall I wear?

Could this be a hoax?  April 1 is just around the corner.  But CNET, engadget, The WSJ, and others say it’s so.  Would they all conspire for such a cruel April Fool’s joke?  I don’t know if my poor heart could take it if it’s joke.  They all say “it’s official”, “it’s confirmed”, it must be so.

iphone-skypeAfter pouring through the articles and references like a little kid looking for the toy in a box of Cracker Jacks, apparently Skype calls will only work over Wi-Fi, not over a cell network.  So that’s… VoWi-Fi, I guess.  Chat will work over Wi-Fi or the cell network.  It won’t support initiating conference calls but joining conference calls will work.  It will be able to access your iPhone contacts list though, so that’s plus.  Eh, plenty of time for enhancements, they’ll be just around the corner.

Oh how exciting, David, Tom, Ken and Barb, and all my other iPhone compatriots, you’ll have been there when it happened.  Someday, you’ll be able tell your grandkids where you were on this historic day, the day that Skype and iPhone became one.  Well, Ken… I guess, you can tell your grandkids on… Wednesday… I suppose.

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