"Maggie's awesome mid life, up and quit her job, went to Europe for two months road trip" book is now available

2009 July 20

bookversion3A book version of my awesome mid-life, up and quit my job and went to Europe for two months European road trip journal and pictures is now available in hard copy or as a pdf file.  The book is 168 pages with vivid color pictures on almost all of them. The hard copy is printed on heavy glossy 8.5 X 11 inch paper and is spiral bound with thick stock covers.

My trip  took me through France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Monaco, and Italy.  I stayed in mostly hostels and some hotels.  I saw grandeur, experienced other cultures and met wonderful people; I had great times and some problems along the way and I wrote about it all. Read Full Article & Comments…


He’s On A Mission – Day 7 – Corbin Watkins

2009 July 1

After a lovely dinner with my friend Dorothy this evening, we took a walk along the shore at Bellingham Bay and grabbed a bench to watch the sunset, and an amazing sunset it was.

DSCN7713The best part was about 45 minutes after the sun had gone down with its brilliant oranges and reds reflecting in the water.  As we sat there, we had the pleasure of being serenaded by a young fellow sitting down by the rocks, looking out toward the sea, playing a ukulele and singing a song I didn’t recognize.  He was several feet away and so we could only just hear Read Full Article & Comments…


Nikon Coolpix P80 – Review

2009 June 27

Being an amateur photographer since high school way back in the &)’s and since going pro for two years doing industrial, aerial, wedding, portrait, and other photography, which took all the fun out of it for me; I was always used to carrying around a large bag with all sort of pockets and cubby holes and a strapped on tripod.

Back in the days of carrying two Nikon F3’s plus six or seven lenses including the much cherished nocturnal lens, a flash system which consisted of a big ass hand held speedlight and a smaller version to snap on to the hot shoe for back up.  I carried liquid and solid cleaners, shutter releases, about eight of my favorite filters, a light meter, power packs, and Read Full Article & Comments…


I could care less – misused words and phrases

2009 June 24

AAHHHHHHGGGGHHHHHHH!  I can’t take it any longer.

I could care less :  Usually, when one uses this saying, one’s intention is to indicate no care;  no less care can be given because one doesn’t care at all now.  Saying you could care less implies you care a little bit, which contradicts the point one is trying to make.  ” I could care less” just doesn’t get the job done.  It’s “I couldn’t care less”.

I’m nauseous or I feel nauseous : Nauseous means causing or able to cause nausea.  If you say that you’re nauseous, you’re saying that you nauseate others.  If you feel sick and think you may throw up, then you might want to say you are feeling nauseated.

Irregardless and Orientated.  These two are abominations.  I used to be able to say Read Full Article & Comments…


From Here To Uncertainty – Bob & Brenna Redpath

2009 June 16

From Here To Uncertainty

I posted a short article a couple of days ago about Bob and Brenna Redpath of Los Angeles who are chucking it all and hitting the road with their two kids.  I had an opportunity to talk with Bob and Brenna this morning and I have to say they are very aware of the risks involved with giving up their home, their income, their roots, and going on the road in this economy.  It certainly seems contrary to all common sense when those around them are hunkering down and stocking up for the winter.  What the heck are they thinking?

“It’s a hard time, there’s a lot of uncertainty right now” says Brenna, “there’s something empowering about choosing my own uncertainty”.  Bob adds, “It’s not about taking a vacation, it’s about exploration and about what we want to do with Read Full Article & Comments…


From Here To Uncertainty – The Redpath Family Goes Mobile

2009 June 14

Update: See my follow-up post after my interview of the Redpaths on the 16th.

Eight days and counting.  So there I was piddling around on the computer, looking for a job in this crappy environment and feeling sorry for myself.  One link led to another and I stumbled upon a site called From Here to Uncertainty.

RedpathFamily1It seems the Redpath Family of Los Angeles, up and quit their jobs and are hitting the road for a year.  They’ve sold everything, and are packing up their two kids and are, and as they put it, “goin’ mobile”.  Suddenly, I perked right up, my spirits rose, and I read on.  It’s a story of discontent and standing up for yourself and deciding to not let life pass you by even though it flies in the face of so called conventional wisdom; it spoke to me.

This Hollywood sound man, his musician wife and their two amazing kids have one way tickets to Europe and leave on June 22.  You can follow their travels and live vicariously through them, as I know I will be, at their site:


Bookmark it and check in with them often.  You can follow them on Twitter and Facebook: It’s possible the Redpaths are crazy…wanna’ live vicariously? as well.

Listen to Brenna Redpath’s track of The Who’s Goin’ Mobile

Read about her recording session and download the song here