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I don’t get excited about things that often, but when I do, I like to tell people about them. These days, we’re plagued with poor customer service, inferior products, a less than adequate government, and hassles of every kind.  Kids coming out of high school and college these days are remarkably ill equipped to face the world and don’t know the basics of the world around them.  Jay Leno’s Jaywalking is a testament to that as well as the TV show Are you smarter than a 5th grader? in which Kelly Pickler thought that Europe was a country;  It’s embarrassing I tell you.

So, when I encounter something good, like extraordinary service, or a good product or whatever, this is where it goes.  We all let a service provider know when we’ve received crappy service, but when I receive good customer service, which is rare, I always make a point of letting the service provider know about it.  You should too.

This is also a place for things I find cool or silly or useful; things I get excited about.

Things I like:

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