My home state

2009 May 17

I was not born here, I was not raised here, nor did I go to school here.  I have no family here, and I may or may not die here.  I don’t really fit in here either; let’s just say I’m not one of the left majority and I loathe being green.

I’ve lived here longer than in any other state or country though.  I was married here, and then not.  I owned my first house here, and then didn’t.  I went away for two years, and then came back.  I’ve lived in eight different places in this state and most of my friends are here.

The weather is awesome; mild summers and mild winters and it doesn’t really rain all that much, that’s just what we tell people.  Oops.  Within a two hour drive, we have  flat lands, desert, farmlands, big cities, rain forest, two major mountain ranges with volcanoes, beaches and rocky coastlines, international borders, and hundreds of islands.  Wineries, tulips and lots of apples prevail here.  Were I a coffee drinker, I reckon I’d be in heaven.

We have no state income tax, fairly clean air and we often add the word state to our name to distinguish ourselves from a similarly named capital.  Even though I often long to visit the state I grew up in and where much of my family is, I’ve just reached a turning point in my life; I had an epiphany if you will.  I am officially declaring myself a Washingtonian.  This has been reinforced in my mind since I’m looking for a job and I’m really hoping I don’t have to leave this state.  I do so love the Pacific Northwest and Washington State.

I remember as a child watching the TV show Here Come the Brides that took place in Seattle and I remember that catchy tune (The bluest skies you’ve ever seen… in Seattle…., and the hills the greenest green… in Seattle…).  I can remember thinking back then, someday I’ll live in Seattle.  Of course, I had no idea where Seattle was back then.  It’s not like I had some big plan to wind up here, I only recently had that recollection and thought it quite the coincidence. But, here I am.

Spring is here, it’s warm and sunny out, the trees are full, the bird’s are a chirpin’, the brook is a babblin’, and there’s a nice breeze, and that’s all I have to say about that.

Maggie Williams

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