Sidewalk Art (Pavement Drawings) by Julian Beever

2009 March 2


I recently received an email showing off Julian Beever’s pavement drawings. I found it fascinating. He creates drawings on sidewalks in chalk, which look amazinglyjulian2b realistic in 3D when viewed from the proper angle.

They garner many strange looks from passersby since the perspective from most angles is off putting.  But if you hit it just right, the reward is perceived.

Below is one of my favorites, Meeting Mr. Frog, with a little live human interaction.  Hard to believe that someone would put this much time and effort into a work that will be washed away with the first good rain that comes along.


(Photos from http://users.skynet.be/J.Beever/index.html)

Click here for Julian’s website:

Click here for Julians’s Wikipedia entry:

Youtube video How the “Pavement Picasso” does it

Maggie Williams

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