Brett Kopf – Ford Fiesta – Road Trip

2009 March 22

Hey Everyone,

I’d like to introduce Brett Kopf, a Michigan State Senior, a real go getter who is doing independent study on social media and how it can link data, people and ideas for the greater good,  He’s out there preaching the word; this kid is going to take the world by storm.  We stumbled upon each other as we were each developing our own blog sites and we helped each other out and we’ve been corresponding ever since.

Ford is having a contest where they will give 100 Ford Fiestas to those selected for six months to travel the country and have adventures and use social media to document the trip.  I can’ think of anyone more deserving of a shot.

Please click the link below to go to Brett’s site and view his application video.  Then, please leave a comment on his post for Ford to see. The more comments the better.


Let’s see if we can get this guy on the road. Thanks for your help.

Maggie Williams

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