four hours and four hundred dollars later…

2008 December 16

dscn5698Got up at 6:45 to shower and dress and catch the 8:00 ferry back to Coupeville.  I was greeted with fresh snow on the ground.  I made the 30 minute ferry crossing just fine followed by a 90 minute drive to Burlington.  They had a look at my car and said somehow a rubber boot in my steering column had become dislodged and something dried out so all they had to do was re-lubricate it and re-seal the boot.  But, there were a couple of other issues that they found, which I would not have wanted to discover the hard way on the road.  So, four hours and four hundred dollars later, I was on my way back to Port Townsend.

dscn5711Got back about 3:00 and took a hike around Port Townsend while I still had some daylight left.  Just as I was heading back to the hostel, I bumped into Joy.  We had dinner together and then played Scattegories later and she crushed me.  Then we watched a movie later on my little PC.  I loaded it up with movies and tv shows for times just like this.  It was a pleasant relaxing evening.

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