A really happy frog face

2008 September 10

Baden Baden, Deutschland (Germany)

I didn’t do much of anything today really.  I ate breakfast.  And then didn’t do much, just read a little and sat around a bit.  Then I had lunch… and then kind of didn’t do much.  I got kind of tired so I took a nap… and then I woke up from that.  Le’see… ummm, I laid around a little just thinking, oh and then I read little.  Just bidding my time till dinner.

Oh, you know how sometimes you may be starring at a wall or marble flooring, wood grain, or a counter top, or anything with presumed random patterns and sometimes you see faces?  I woke up from my nap today and was starring at the wood paneling in my room.  Look at the picture and tell me you don’t see a creature with a bird beak and big sad eyes.  And look at the other one and tell me you don’t see a really happy cartoon frog face.

dscn4719 dscn4720

At about 5:00, I started writing this journal entry.  I starred out the window for a while, picked at a couple of bug bites on my arm and tapped my fingers on the table trying to think of things I did today.  I don’t know what was in that lunch but I burped a lot today.  OK, it’s 5:10, 50 minutes till dinner.  Hmmmm.

Wow, I just had one of those reality check moments.  I’m in Baden Baden Germany.  That’s so  cool.  I didn’t do anything today.  I literally just wasted this day away and I don’t care.  That’s so cool too.

I had dinner, it was good. Then read some more.  Before I knew it, it was bed time.  The most exciting thing that happened to me today was I saw a happy frog face in wood.

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